Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Saturday morning the weather gave us clouds and small sprinkles of rain, but the optimism expressed by the hard-working owners/operators at Cedar Summit Farm north of New Prague, MN, was typical of farm people. "It's clearing up," they all agreed. The great thing was that visitors shared that optimism because the cars kept driving into the parking area as people of all ages filled the yard at Cedar Summit Farm, where Dave and Florence Minar, their sons and daughters, their grandchildren, and other workers hosted their annual fun day they call "Milkapalooza."
We arrive early to set up and Linda Minar takes a moment to explain the layout to me.

Patrick Fisher, New Prague Times reporter and photographer captures a moment as I sign a book for a mother and child in the field where cars are parking. The area fill ups with cars rapidly as visitors come.
Visitors get free samples in foreground and ride on ponies and pet animals in the background.

Any event where kids and parents are having fun together makes me smile, and this day gave me a lot to smile about as I watched kids pet calves and cows; milk a mechanical cow; discuss chickens, honey, maple syrup with a farm families who supply some products sold at Cedar Summit; visit the barns; sit for a caricaturist; sample sheep cheese; ride to the pasture to visit the cattle herd to learn why grass-fed is best; and dance to music provided by two different bands.
Jazmine displaying caricature done by John Busacker.
Jazmine displaying her new book 

The cows attracted fans.
The cow milking contest was a popular event.
So was visiting the herd as shown below.
Tractor and wagon with visitors return from the pasture where they viewed the fine herd of cattle 
as seen in the distance from our tent in the farmyard in the picture below.

Florence Minar giving samples of a new product made at Cedar Summit Farm, drinkable yogurt.
Dave Minar talking with one of the handlers of the two cows available for petting.

Dave and Florence Minar deserve special recognition for their creation of Cedar Summit Farm. Their interest in producing healthy, more natural dairy and meats goes back to before the 1970s. I urge readers to visit Cedar Summit Farm website at and click on the appropriate tab to read the history of the farm's development and the special products they have to offer. They sell their own dairy products, grass-fed beef and pork, but they also provide a retail outlet for natural, healthy products produced by like-minded neighbors, such as honey, maple syrup, eggs, and chickens. Nancy and I have enjoyed their healthy foods for years and urge you to give them a try. You will be glad you did.

The Minar family were very kind to Nancy and me, providing us with a spot to sell our books under their big tent and a big room to perform my stories for lots of kids and their parents. We had a great time talking to old friends and meeting new people. The atmosphere was fun and exciting, as kids and adults of all ages mingled with each other and discussed the operation with the friendly Minar family members who made themselves available throughout the day. Keep the event in mind and check the website regularly to discover the date for next year's Milkapalooza.

Nancy and I wish to thank Dave and Florence Minar and the entire family for having us at the event.
We especially thank Linda Minar for her time and effort in arranging our visit.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson, except for the one below, which was taken by a friendly customer.

For more pictures of the event, click on Read More below.

Pony rides.

Natural food stand.

Local honey provided by Jim Slinkard.

Chickens displayed while the farm family was available to explain the process of producing and grading eggs.

Great bluegrass band provided music in the first half of the day.

Another great band provided music during the second half of the day.

John Kratochvil gave samples of his maple syrup.

I talk to Elia T. Read, who in the booth next to us, provides samples of sheep cheese from 
 his family's Shepherd's Way Farms, Nerstrand, MN.

The Wedge catering service begins to prepare lunch.

People gather to eat a little after noon.
My first show at 11:00 AM above,
and second show at 1:30 PM below.

A good time was had by all.
See you there next year.


  1. Wow, I am impressed with the scope of this event. No wonder you suggested I attend. Please remind me next year and hopefully the date will work for me then. Or maybe I'll need to visit prior to 2012.

  2. Next year's event is Saturday, June 23, 2012, but I am sure the friendly folks at Cedar Summit Farms would love to have you shop their anytime.