Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deer damage again and popping poppy, II

A few days ago Nancy and I planted a small apple tree that we thought was tall enough to resist deer damage on the top branches. We were wrong.
The tree was well over eight feet tall before the deer broke off the top piece.

Next, we checked to see how the buds on the roses were coming and discovered mama deer had eaten those off as well. I find it remarkable that such a large animal messes with trying to fill up on the buds of roses. On the other hand, humans eat marsh mellows, hard candy, and potato chips because we want to, not because it's practical. 

While I pouted a little as I weeded around the rose bush, Nancy commented that she would make more deer repellent and spray it on the roses. I continued to weed after she left.

Then I heard her yell, "Hey, Gord, poppies are popping!"
The flower is beginning to force the green covers off. The process takes about 15 minutes and if you are patient, you can see the movement and the blossom emerge.

Last year ( June 21, 2010, to be precise) I posted a short piece with pictures detailing a poppy blossom popping into full bloom. I was fascinated then and was equally fascinated once again as the birth of the blossom took place before my eyes.

The poppies easily managed to change my pout into a grin. I hope they made you smile.

All photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson 

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red poppy

old-fashioned peonies

old-fashioned peonies with rain drops

Asian lilies

red peonies with yellow day lilies in background

red peonies with Shasta daisies in background

Siberian iris with Shasta daisies

sage (front left), pink lupines, purple lupines, Shasta daisies


  1. Beautiful flower images, Nancy. I especially like the raindrops on the peonies and that grouping of irises.

    I NEED a peony bush or two because I think they are the most beautiful flowers. Just wish they lasted longer.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Audrey. I never tire of taking pictures of flowers.