Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trucks and Travel

"Trucks and Travel," held annually for the last 18 years, aims at entertaining little kids, and in doing so, tickles lots of adults, as well.

TriDistrict Community Education holds the event in the parking lot of Sibley High School, Mendota Heights,  where trucks tractors, buses, and other equipment assemble just so kids can climb in, honk the horn, and generally do what they are otherwise discouraged from doing–experiencing things hands-on.
Our tent happened to be next to the Ford 4630 so we were able to enjoy watching kids take their turns at the wheel of the tractor.

We had a bit of rain before the show yesterday, which delayed the arrival of the crowd, but after the sky cleared, parents and kids turned out to experience the variety of hands-on exhibits.
Police car and fire truck were popular attractions.

Where else can a child (or a father) get a chance to climb into the cab of a ready-mix truck or a soda delivery vehicle?

Everyone enjoys the horses.

Preschoolers loved boarding the bus, and the experience provided a bit of nostalgia for the parents.
And speaking of nostalgia, the Teddy Bear Band rocks! 
The kids love the games the band organizes, but when it comes to dancing to the music,  I saw as many or more adults moving to the beat as kids on the dance floor.
And that's what I really liked about the event–sooo many parents grab the opportunity to really have fun with their kids as their kids get to let loose.

Oh, yes, and I got to do some of my favorite things too, as Heidi's mother purchased a book (above) and as Emma posed with me after her mother purchased a book for her in the two pictures below.

As the day comes to a close, some children enjoy riding off into the sunset. Looks like fun, eh?

Nancy and I wish to thank all he people on the Early Learning Advisory Council, District 197, for inviting us to attend the event, and we especially thank Kerry Appleton for organizing the event and sending us a personal invitation. Also, thanks to Kerry for so generously asserting that Nancy and I brought the sunshine, not the rain.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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