Friday, June 3, 2011

Salvation Army Adult Day Program, Rochester, MN

Back in April when we did a show for Spring Valley Historical Society's Annual Banquet, we met Sheryl Strain, who works as a Trained Medical Assistant and Program Assistant at the Salvation Army Adult Day Program in Rochester. She said she wanted to suggest to the activities coordinator there that we come to do a show for them during a week day. A couple weeks later Jesse Buchner, Activities Coordinator, emailed me to set up a date. I love it when one thing leads to another.
 We arrived an hour before the show yesterday so Jesse took time to give us a short tour of the facilities,  introduce us to some of the staff, including Program Director Cyndy Gove, and explain what services they provide. Ron Strain, pictured below, drives the bus that picks up adults who need care during the day when their other care-givers are at work and he also assists with activities.
Ron has years of experience driving buses.

Ron's wife Sheryl, who we had met at Spring Valley Historical Banquet, explained that the guests are given a snack when they arrive. A lunch is catered in at noon and another snack is given to them before the bus returns them home. 
Activities during the day include exercises, many various crafts, watching some TV, volunteer entertainment (my show as an example), field trips shopping, or just going for coffee. 
Activities Coordinator Jesse Buchner introduces me to the guests.

They proved to be a great audience, showing interest throughout the show and asking many questions after the show.  In the picture above Program Assistant Sheryl Strain, CNA, TMA, stands in the back on the left and Activity Coordinator Jesse Buchner stands on the right. 
Sheryl set up a photo with some volunteer guests.
 Donovon (red shirt) paints and exhibits his work at the Mayo Clinic.

Farm Heritage touches many people, and after the show several of the guests took time to tell me their stories of visiting a farm as a kid, living on a farm, working on a farm, or doing farm work as a kid. Nancy and I had a great time, and we wish to thank Sheryl and Jesse for inviting us, Cyndy for allowing us to do our show, and all the staff and guests for their friendliness and their interest in our show.  

It's good to know facilities like this exists for people who may have some disability and need some care, but who also desire to be physically and socially active. Staff members at the Salvation Army Adult Day Program at Rochester provide a good blend of special care with challenges to keep guests active and engaged. They deserve our praise and support. 

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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