Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Visit to Austin Minnesota: Mower County Historical Society

Back in February Dustin Heckman, Executive Director of Mower County Historical Society in Austin, MN, contacted me to do a show for their Noon Lunchbox series on June 23, 2011. Lucky for us, after he scheduled the event, he talked to Anita Bruggerman of the Austin Public Library, and she scheduled us to do a show at the library the same day. Since we advertise that we do our show for free but we accept donations, doing two shows that are only a mile or so apart in a city like Austin on the same day is exactly what we need to keep expenses down. We thank the Historical Society and the Library for each giving us a generous donation for travel expenses. I will post the blog on the Austin Library tomorrow.
The Mower County Historical Society is located on the fairgrounds in Austin and although we accidentally drove past the entrance the first time, the sign by the street shown in the picture below made us feel really welcome.

The Historical Society preserve and display a number of buildings on the grounds, including a school, a church, a log cabin, original fair buildings, and the Hormel building in the picture below.
We had no time to stroll the grounds, especially since we wanted to make sure we unloaded our equipment before rain came.

Dustin showed us to the Agriculture Building where Nancy and I set up quickly so we would have some time to get a close look at all the machinery on display.

Another bit of luck is that we were able to pick up our newest book, A Farm Country Picnic, from the warehouse the preceding week, and today would be our first performance of a show that included the newly released story.
I think that having a hay loader in the background is appropriate since the story begins with the family putting up hay with a hay loader.
After the show, people generously bought some books and waited patiently for me to sign them.

Dustin and I pose for a picture in front of the hay loader before Nancy and I have to be on our way to the Austin Library.

Nancy and I would like to thank Dustin Heckman, Executive Director of the Mower County Historical Society, for asking us to visit and taking the time to show us around. The grounds are really nice and we'd love to return during the fair some time to see all the buildings and equipment on display.

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