Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit to Austin Minnesota: Austin Public Library

The drive from the Mower County Historical Society to the Austin Library takes us less than ten minutes and after we check out the performance area, we unload right away. Still no rain. We are lucky.
As you can see, the Austin Public Library is a really nice building with a beautifully landscaped entrance. What you do not see is that the friendly, efficient library staff is really busy on this Thursday afternoon as people of all ages take advantage of all that is offered.

Anita Bruggerman, who farms with her husband and son and works full-time with events at the library, kindly introduces me to the kids and adults in the audience.
The room is long and he audience sits in he middle and in chairs along the perimeter, making them impossible to capture on one picture.

They seemed to enjoy the show and a few of the adults hung around to ask some questions, tell me stories, and buy some books after the show.

The mother above is wearing an Allis–Chalmers sweatshirt and explains that she farms with her husband and family. They run a lot of land but also take time to collect antique tractors, which is an important way of preserving farm heritage. I'm pleased that they see my books as a legitimate way to preserve farm heritage, as well.

Thanks to Anita Bruggerman for arranging my visit to the Austin Public Library and thanks to the library for their generous donation for travel expenses. Nancy and I enjoyed the trip and would love to return some time soon.

Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

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