Saturday, June 11, 2011

Preston Public Library and country side

Nancy and I left early for our show at Preston Library on Thursday for the sole purpose of arriving early. We looked forward to driving around the hills and lowlands and taking pictures. The drive to Preston took nearly three hours. Once we arrived, we quickly found the library and then drove out of town to witness the scenic country side.
Preston Library with sidewalk sign announcing our 7:00 PM show.

The city of Preston is located in a scenic valley with a river running through it. Whichever direction you take out if town, you are treated to an uphill climb and then a panoramic view of the valley below.
The slightly over cast day gave magical haze to the countryside.
The windmill above and the farmhouse below stand as proud reminders of past successes.

Current farms and cattle provide pleasant viewing.
Nancy spots a fox trotting through a field.

We slow down. He stops to check us out. Looks like something is in his jaws.

After the fox moves on, we drive another 200 yards to spot young foxes playing along the road bank.
They quickly scurry to the safety of the tall grass. We know our pictures will be blurry. 

We content ourselves with taking a few photos of wildflowers, which patiently wait for us to point and shoot.
 Photographs by Nancy A. Fredrickson

To see photos of the program at Preston Library, please click below on Read More.

Library Director Beth Anderson introduces me.

Adults sit on the chairs and mothers sit on the floor with their children.

The faces of children listening to stories are a joy to behold.

Nancy and I wish to thank Director Beth Anderson and assistant Darrellyn Barrett for inviting us to the Preston Library. Also, we thank all the adults who came to watch the show but especially all of the really cool Moms who sat with their children, extending me the privilege of telling a story to their family.  


  1. Nancy, even if the fox images are blurry, I'm glad you shared. How fortunate you were to see these creatures. The blurriness actually accentuates the fact that they were running. So sometimes blurry photos work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The blurriness was also caused by the fact that the road was so rough that I couldn't hold the camera still! When Gordy pulled over to slow down, the roughness increased. He decided to use the photos anyway because whenever we see a fox, it's often a blur. I actually got a couple shots of the young ones playing and then sitting down, but they turned out too blurry to recognize because of the bumpy road. Then they were gone.